Style Consultation


Discover your unique sense of style and unleash your inner fashionista with our exclusive Style Consultation, a 1.5-hour personalized journey to redefine and elevate your fashion game.

1.5 Hours Session

What’s Included:

  1. Personal Style Assessment (1.5 Hours): Prepare to embark on a comprehensive exploration of your individual style. In this extended consultation, our skilled style consultants will delve deep into your preferences, lifestyle, and fashion aspirations. Through insightful discussions and expert guidance, we’ll help you pinpoint your signature style, whether it’s chic and sophisticated, relaxed and casual, or anywhere in between.
  2. Wardrobe Evaluation: Our consultants will conduct an in-depth analysis of your current wardrobe, identifying pieces that align with your newfound style direction and those that may need refreshing or upgrading. We’ll assist you in creating a versatile and cohesive wardrobe that makes getting dressed a breeze.
  3. Personalized Style Recommendations: Receive tailored recommendations on clothing, accessories, and outfit combinations that complement your body shape, color palette, and lifestyle. Learn how to curate a collection that not only reflects your unique personality but also boosts your confidence.
  4. Fashion Trends Insight: Stay ahead of the fashion curve with insights into the latest trends and how they can be incorporated into your wardrobe while staying true to your personal style. Discover how to adapt trends to suit your individual tastes.
  5. Shopping Guide: Armed with newfound knowledge, you’ll receive a personalized shopping guide to assist you in making fashion choices that align with your style and budget. Learn where to shop for quality pieces that fit your aesthetic.
  6. Confidence and Self-Expression: As you define your style, you’ll gain confidence in expressing your true self through fashion. Step into the world with a newfound sense of self-assured elegance and an authentic style that’s uniquely yours.
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