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Colour Me Beautiful Malaysia established in 2016 by Carat Comms Management (http://caratcomms.com.my) in Kuala Lumpur and is now the recognised leader in personal and corporate image consulting specialize in Colour Analysis. Over hundreds of local and foreign women and men have turned to us for advice on how to find out their best colours through our colour consultation service to achieve the image they really deserve.
At Colour Me Beautiful, we come in different shapes, sizes, ages and colourings so we understand the every day challenges of looking good and feeling confident about how we look. Our consultant won’t forbid you to wear certain things or force you to wear others, but they will help you to understand why certain colours and styles suit you whilst others don’t, giving you expert advice on what really works for you so you can develop your own personal style.

Your colouring and body shape are the key determining factors in your consultations but we also know that everyone is unique with different likes and dislikes, so we consider very carefully your personality, lifestyle and budget too. Whatever your style dilemma, whether you are looking for a personal makeover, make-up advice, a party for your friends or a presentation for your organisation, Colour Me Beautiful is here to help.
We are ideally placed to help you develop your personal image and gain renewed confidence.

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From Our Clients


Without a doubt this is the best investment I have ever made 👍  I just love my new colour palette and when I had a look in my wardrobe I had to laugh because you were right, I had so many colours already. I just didn’t know how to wear them. You have helped me see what I couldn’t see before and I can’t thank you enough.


I am delighted with the results from the Style Consultation you gave me. I have been trying to put it all into practice and several people have commented on how good I look. I never realized the difference it would make dressing for my body shape. I now can see the difference and will never buy clothes that don’t suit me again. What a pleasure it will be not to have those mistakes taking up room in my closet. Not to mention how happy my boyfriend is! Thanks again for everything. You have given me direction and I appreciate it.


Thanks for your help. After your Colour Consultation I am confident about what I wear. I finally understand why some clothes never felt right, while others made me feel great! Now when I shop I can zero in on what clothes will be right for me. I don’t waste my time trying on clothes that don’t suit me. For a reluctant shopper like me, this is a Godsend! The course was great fun, what a bonus! Thanks again. 😍 👏

Featured in Utusan Malaysia, Vulcan Post, Kosmo! and The WOW Show (coming soon)

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