Conference Meetings and Presentations

Our Presentations focus on various topics including building an effective personal presence and the importance of image in business.


This lively and interactive presentation, will show your team how to achieve a good business image that relates to their industry whilst taking the brand values of your company into consideration. The sample agenda below can be further customised to suit your objectives and timings.

  • First impressions – the importance of image and your appearance impacts others
  • Professional colour – wearing colour for impact
  • Your Personal Style – discover your style personality
  • Your Business Style – appropriate business dress
  • Grooming and attention to detail


Transitioning into the corporate workplace can pose numerous challenges for your graduate trainees and employees just starting their careers. This session format consists of a one hour presentation to all participants, highlighting the importance of a professional image, and is followed by individual one-to-one consultations.

  • First impressions – and what your image says about you
  • Your Personal Image and how to project your professional values through behavior and image
  • The importance of colour
  • Your Personal Style
  • Individual Colour and Style consultations

If you would like find out more about any of the above courses or discover how a CMB for Business course could give your business a competitive edge, please contact us, on or .

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